What's the Difference Between Men's and Women's Fragrances?

The significant and noticeable difference between men’s and women’s fragrances will not come as a surprise to any. This is due to two main reasons:

1- The marketing aspects of perfume for men and women differ entirely.

2- The different kinds of ingredients used in perfume for both men and women. 

As time progressed, so did the range and use of diversified materials. However, ever since the beginning, there has always been a distinct variance between men's vs. women's fragrances. 

In the beginning, masculine scents or men fragrances generally comprised of accents with woody and earthy tones, along with aspects of coffee and subtlety. At the same time, feminine scents revolved strongly around floras. 

It was not until the creation of artificial fragrance notes in the 1860s that perfumes became affordable to the general public. Before that, people had to collect tons of flowers and steam them to get a few precious ounces of raw material. And suffice to say, it was not cheap. 


Why Were Perfumes Invented? 

Apart from its rich history with the Egyptians, the use of perfume to mask scents originated in France. The main reason for this critical invention was to conceal the body's strong and odorous smells. 

Back in 18th century Paris, people held a great deal of fear of water as the water was believed to carry numerous diseases. This generalized fear caused the entire nation to stray as far away from using water as possible. Thus, not even the nobles back then were too fragrant. 

Thereby, perfume came into being sole to cover the odor of unwashed bodies. 


Men’s Vs. Women’s Fragrances 

As mentioned above, you can almost always tell the difference between men’s and women’s fragrances. And if you cannot, it is either due to olfactory reasons or the perfume is unisex. 

The packaging itself will give away the intended audience when it comes to men's vs. women's fragrances. And if it is ambiguous to you, a single whiff will help you discern the difference. Such is the contrast between women’s fragrance and men’s perfumes. 

That being said, the scents being masculine or feminine is all but a societal construct. In essence, there are no such things as male or female scents. It is due to the very successful branding and marketing that created this difference. 

Nevertheless, the ideas concerning fragrances belonging to gender are changing nowadays. This is why many a brand around the world is taking care to produce more androgenous or unisex fragrances for its diverse consumer base. 

However, if you still want to learn about men's vs. women's fragrances, you can always refer to the list of differences between men’s and women’s fragrances mentioned down below. 


Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Fragrance 

As an online store carrying men’s fashion accessories along with some of the best perfumes for both male and female, we consider ourselves a bit of a connoisseur in the matter. And to help you distinguish, we gathered all our expertise and assembled a list of differences between men's and women's fragrances. 

Without further delay, let us get into the core polarities: 

Marketing And Packaging

Even before smelling a single trace of a perfume, you can always tell the gender a fragrance was intended for. This is significantly due to the packaging and marketing of the said perfume. 

Women's perfume is always advertised femininely, including a color pallet of pastels or deep reds with sensual, energetic, or ethereal aspects. On the other hand, men's perfume is almost always showcased with dark, smokey, and masculine underlines, strongly infused with tones of physicality. 

That this all translates heavily into the packaging as well. 

The Shape of The Bottle

Unsurprisingly, both men’s and women’s fragrances come with distinctively contrasting bottle shapes. 

A great majority of women's perfume bottles are either tall and slender or round, representing femininity. While men's fragrance bottles come in either square or rectangular shapes as it exudes strength and masculinity. 

This, again, is a direct result of the societal construct as none of these shapes actually represent any of those aspects. 

Name of the Perfume

Another clear contrast is the name of the perfume. Considering that there is a very small percentage of unisex or androgynous scents, guessing the intended gender through the name will probably always hit the mark. 

Some of the names of perfumes intended for females from our collection of women fragrances by Scents and Stories are as follows:

- Atlantis

- Flores

- Living Floral

- Heavenly Vibes 

And the names of our men’s fragrances are:

- Tigers Casino

- Poseidon's Tux

- Tiger's Fortune

- Leather Supernova 

The Scent

Next comes the scent itself. Although, nowadays, perfumes are becoming more and more unisex. There is always an undertone of something that can have the ability to confine it to a specific gender. 

This is because some scents or undertones have always been used for women, and some have always been used for men. For example, woody and leather scents always come under masculine scents, while aquatic and floral scents have been female scents. 

Initially, in the 17th century, there was no difference between a man's or a woman's perfume. It was not until the mid-1900s that people started to distinguish between the types of scents. And thus, scents started to represent personalities. 

Women, all in all, tend to opt for fruity, sweet, aquatic, and floral notes along with a perfect balance of either rose, jasmine, or vanilla. 

On the other hand, men generally opt for something revolving around the simplicity of woody scents like vetiver and cedar with fresh tones and aromatic aspects. 


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