10 Unique Pendants for Women Available Online

Are you shopping for a new necklace? If you prefer pendant necklaces and don't know which kind will suit you, we've got you. 


What Makes An Elegant Pendant Set?

There is no one answer to what's stylish when it comes to any piece of jewelry. Pendants aren't just about what's trending; you can wear one to represent something unique to you or something you care about a lot. Want your new accessory to stand out?

Here are some great ideas for pendants for women:

1. Vintage Coin Pendant

Did you know that coin necklaces were initially meant to bring prosperity to the wearer?

Now, these are one of the top choices for minimal jewelry. When it comes to pendants for women, vintage gold or silver coin pendant is a timeless piece of jewelry to add to your collection. It's also an excellent investment—if you're looking to spend your savings on something that'll increase in value over time, a genuine gold pendant is always a brilliant idea.

Wear a vintage coin pendant solo, or layer it with your other favorite necklaces. For a complementing look, add a pair of minimal earrings to the mix. The current trend in jewelry is all about less sparkle and more sheen. 

2. Dry Flower Pendant

If flowers are your thing, you must have had quite a few from memorable occasions secured in your daily diary. Or you may have organized a beautiful collection of pressed flower journals. Why not let your love for flora make a gorgeous addition to your jewelry case?

Dry flowers encased in a clear case make classic ornaments as pendants. A reminder of your passion for nature, a dry flower pendant could be your next favorite accessory. You can choose between delicate neutrals and vibrant hues of flora pendants to mix and match with your favorite outfits. 

3. Photo Frame Pendant

Pendants crafted as picture frames are both classic and unique. Not only do photo pendants make for one-of-a-kind jewelry, but they also serve as loving reminders. Channel your inner classic Jane Austen-inspired leading lady and get a cute, antique-style photo pendant the next time you shop for accessories.

You can add a picture of your significant other, children, parents, or even a beloved pet—and carry their memories wherever you go! 

4. Birthstone Pendant

Most of us have accumulated a personalized collection of pendants over the years. Still, there never seems to be ONE you want to wear daily. It has to be something special, something that defines you. A birthstone pendant is your answer.

Different precious stones match up to the 12 birth months. If your wallet allows, get a precious stone. Or you can buy a crystal imitation that’ll look just as alluring. Plus, birthstones are fantastic for both pendants for women and men. 

5. Functional Pendant

Ever lose your teeny-tiny gadgets? We do it all the time. Here's a great idea: functional pendants!

Why go through the hassle of fumbling around your bag whenever you need to find that mini something when you can hang it from your necklace? Here's a list of everyday things you can get repurposed (or buy new) as pendants:

  • USBs (These come in a variety of pretty/funky pendants)
  • The key to your diary/makeup & jewelry case
  • A hairpin holder (disguised as a minimal solid bar necklace)
  • A whistle
  • A multi-purpose mini knife/blade

And much more. The only limit is your imagination! 

6. Dreamcatcher Pendant

The dreamcatcher pendant is inspired by the charms once used by native western people as a symbol of peace and protection. Today the charm's unique design is featured in pendants, key chains, wall hangings, and more décor pieces.

The dreamcatcher pendant features a circle with feathers. You can get one made entirely from wood and feathers for a chic bohemian vibe or a stone and metallic type as a statement piece. Its delicate design will surely go with any of your outfits! 

7. Custom Name Necklaces

Yes, we know—it’s very 90’s to wear your name around, or just the initials, around your neck. But since throwback fashions are trending throughout Instagram, why not jump the bandwagon with a piece of jewelry that defines you (literally!). Your favorite 90’s chic flicks are a great place to start for some ideas.

You can get a customized name pendant in golden, silver, and even wood. Layer it with some plain necklaces for a refined look. 

8. Character-Inspired Pendant

Do you love themed jewelry? A character-inspired necklace is a great way to commit to fandom and showcase your support for your favorite literary/movie/TV characters. Put on your piece of jewelry that celebrates a new milestone—a new season of the popular Netflix series, another book by your favorite mystery novelist, another Marvel masterpiece, and more.

Plus, a character-inspired pendant is a great conversation starter at any party! 

9. Mini Painting Pendant

What’s smaller than and just as eye-catching as a painting? A miniature painted pendant, that’s what.

This one is for art lovers. It's nice to set your favorite painting on your phone wallpaper, but a pendant version will look even more gorgeous! From famous abstract artworks to delightful nature sceneries, painting pendants pair contrastingly well with solid, minimal outfits. 

10. Zodiac Amulet Pendant

When it comes to unique pendants, nothing stands out better than an engraved zodiac sign. They're the perfect way to define yourself and, in a certain way, feel connected to the universe. If you love checking your daily horoscope, then a zodiac amulet pendant is just the thing for you. 

There you go—a great variety of ideas for pendants for women (and some for men). By pendants, bracelets, and other women's jewelry online in Pakistan for convenience. Apart from apparels and accessories, we have also got you covered for the best women jewelry options.  


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