Ultimate Guide to Summer Fashion in 2022

Fashion is always as much part of our daily lives as eating or breathing. Especially when it comes to summers. In a country where the temperature is steadily rising, summer outfits need to check some well-needed dots before they can qualify as wearable. According to the weather predictions, most of the county is going to experience temperatures reaching up to 48 to 50 degrees Celsius. And in such excruciating heat, one needs breathable fabrics to fight the season. 

As far as anyone can remember, summer fashion trends have always revolved around bright colors, light fabrics, and designs that allow ample airflow. And this summer seems to be no different. In fact, this summer has all the elements of the past decade since fashion is still trying to decide which way to take. This means that you are exempted from making a fashion mistake as anything, and everything is on the table. 

Keeping in mind the different trends that are roaming all around the fashion industry, we at HeyDude Shopping bring you an assemblage of various summer wear collections. From dark colors to light, long shirts to short and eastern to western, our diverse collection of men's and women's clothing is sure to fulfill all your summer fashion needs. The entirety of the collections is from high-end brands like Zuaaj and The Warehouse. These outfits are hand-picked specifically to ensure they fit all the summer requirements. Not only do we offer premium quality products on our online shopping website, but your experience with us will always be one of a kind. Since our ultimate goal is to achieve customer satisfaction, we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are pleased with your purchased product. 

In this era of advanced internet and social media platforms, it has become increasingly easier to get to know about the latest fashion trends that are in place. In fact, the considerable impact of social media on online shopping has made it possible for thousands of creative trends to go viral and stay in the game. 

If you still find yourself in a conundrum as to what to add to your wardrobe for this season, the following is the ultimate guide to summer fashion that will help you navigate through all the trends. Before that, let us first talk about the current transition period in terms of women’s fashion in the country.  


Why Can’t you Go Wrong This Summer? 

Every once in a while, the fashion world experiences an in-between period when shifting from one major fashion trend to another. Otherwise referred to as the transition period, this is the time when the previous trends are still very much valid while the up-and-coming trends are taking over the horizon. 

In terms of women's fashion, online shopping in Pakistan is experiencing just that this year. The guides to summer fashion, which are heavily influenced by the social media trendsetters, still include the styles from the past few years while at the same time experimenting with bold new trends. 

And this is the precise reason why you cannot go wrong this season, especially if you follow our guide to summer fashion. Be it your mom's old clothes or your own; you can always style them with just the right shoes or jewelry and stay entirely in season. 

Without further ado, the following is a concise guide to summer fashion for this season. 


The Ultimate Guide to Summer Fashion 

Below is a guide to summer fashion trends that are all very valid in the ongoing season. 

The Kurta’s Have Come Back

It might not seem like a long while, but the last time kurtas were in style was definitely more than half a decade ago. However, they seem to be making quite a comeback nowadays; many social media influencers are seen pairing them with ankle-length pants or palazzo trousers. 

The Pastel Rage

Embroidered and pastel. Be it shalwar kameez, trouser shirts, or kurta pants, pastel in summers never disappoint. The soft hues of these colors are well in rhythm with the summer vibes. 

Chunky Shoes

Whether they are chunky heels with traditional clothes or chunky sneakers with pants and tees, big shoes have been the rage this year. Pair your ensemble with the world's tiniest bag, and you are good to go. 

Black and White

Can you ever go wrong with black and white? Whether you wear them individually or together, this seamless blend of color has yet to fail us. 

Matching tops and bottoms

Another seemingly raging fashion trend has been matching tops and bottoms for the past few months. Many an influencer, celebrities included, are being seen rocking this trend. Be it florals or polka dots; the trend states to wear the identical fabric for both the top and bottom. And so far, everyone seems to love it. 


In Conclusion 

Considering that over 70% of the people who use the internet in Pakistan make a purchase online at least once, the future of online shopping in Pakistan seems secure, to say the least. And we at HeyDude Shopping are just doing our part in making sure the nation has ample access to high-end designer clothes including Wearium and Lahori Ink, who choose to put quality above everything else and make their pieces available at the most affordable prices. 

Shop at HeyDude Shopping and have an online shopping experience of a lifetime.

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