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If you are a resident of Pakistan, you must be aware that summer has fully descended upon us. Temperatures in the country vary, surely, but the majority of the cities can experience a temperature rise of up to 45 to 50 degrees. With such excruciating heat and humidity looming around us, the world is still going around, and people are still going to continue their usual routines. 

If we think about the highlights of summers in the country, some of these include eating delicious shaved ice, cooling off with a nice jar of ice coffee, refreshing sugar cane juice, and the ever-changing summer fashions. 

However, fashion too is as unpredictable in Pakistan as the weather. And maybe it is due to the fact that the trends always seem to change with every passing season. 

Throughout the years, Pakistani fashion has witnessed an array of diversified designs and styles. As one of the few countries in the world that experience that whole spectrum of all four seasons, Pakistan's ability to establish fashion trends in accordance with the upcoming season is exceptional, to say the least. And designers in Pakistan have, time and time, devised and created beautiful fashion moments. 

Thus, HeyDude Shopping too is doing its part in providing the nation with beautiful masterpieces at exceptionally affordable rates. The main aim of our online store is to promote online shopping in Pakistan by providing a seamless and hassle-free online purchase experience. 

Since most brands tend to launch their season lines well before the season starts, they tend to, in a way, establish the trends before they become trends. In retrospect, there is nothing stopping you from doing the same. The best thing about fashion is that it has no limitations or restrictions. However, who does not want to be part of the show? 

So let us tell you how you can stand apart from the crowd while still carrying aspects of the basic styles of the season. 

Listed below are some of the most fashion-forward and diverse summer fashion trend for 2022 that you can try to amp up your looks this season and beat the heat simultaneously. But before we get into that, let us first take a look at the trending summer fashion at the moment. 


What's Trending in Summer 2022 

This time around, we are seeing many old trends come back to life, yet the trends persisting for the past few years are still valid. The transitional phase might be a little weird, but creativity is abundant. Fashion from decades ago, like plazo trousers, bell-bottoms, mid to low rise trousers/pants, short length shirts, and half sleeves, are making a comeback. And at the same time, straight trousers, long shirts, and high-rise pants are still very much a thing. 

Since the clothing designs corroborate significantly with the seasons, summer majorly consists of a heavy utilization of lawn. Cotton makes an appearance now and again, but the lawn dominates. And picking up on trends worldwide, the foremost trend nowadays seems to be oversized kurtas that generally stop before the knee and plazo pants. 

A lot of creative aspects were incorporated by brands all over Pakistan, including the not-so-long-ago tie-dye trend. Even monotone outfits are starting to become quite the rage. Identically pattered/printed shirts and trousers are soaring the heights of casual fashion at the moment. 


Summer Fashion Trend Ideas 

Considering the enormous impact of social media on online shopping, almost every known fashion brand has established multiple social media platforms in order to connect with millions of prospective customers online. This is perhaps why you can find an abundance of ideas online by looking through various brands' online catalogs. 

When we talk about summer fashion trends specifically, even though it keeps changing, certain aspects of them still remain the same. Bright colors, for example, have been incorporated into almost every summer fashion trend to date. 

However, since the nation's tastes, too, are ever-changing, these concepts are being reintroduced in various creative ways. As nothing says summers like flamboyant and vivid colors along with floral patterns. 

Apart from clothing, accessories, too, play a significant part in the overall summer fashion trends. So let us look at the most popular summer fashion trends this season and how you can customize them to your taste: 

The Diversity – Since we are in a transition phase in terms of changing fashion, you have the unique opportunity to incorporate both long and short shirts this season. Pair it with straight trousers, Patiala shalwar, or plazos; they are sure to look captivating nonetheless. 

Handbags – A trend that has seemingly spread throughout the entire fashion world is small handbags. Whether it is a trouser-shirt, or pants and tops, you can pair them with a small handbag and be good to go this summer. 

Bold Jewelry – One of the best things about fashion is that when a compatible fusion happens, it can cause a sensation. This season, bold and big traditional jewelry seems to be prominently in style. So, pair it with tailored trousers and formal button-downs or a full-on desi moment; these pieces scream trendy. 

Khussa and Pazeeb – Although khussa's have been in trend for a while now, this year they have been seen paired with heavy pazeebs. Be it with jeans or trousers, this trend adapts to any ensemble and elevates it considerably. 

Colors – Although bright colors have always been a statement for summer fashion trends, we see many light colors in play this year. Predominantly white, pastels and yellows. And the majority of them are paired with traditional silver jewelry. Opt for this style for a fresh look. 


In Conclusion 

Considering that the majority of purchases take place online, the future of online shopping is bright. And playing our part in making your online shopping experience exceptional, HeyDude Shopping is working tirelessly to achieve customer satisfaction. 

Shop at HeyDude Shopping for the trending summer fashion at highly affordable rates.

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