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It’s that time again—the time when we tell you about the fashion trends to follow. We’ve got the best online shopping brands for you—but the question is which brands do you shop from? Today, it’s all about quirky trends!

You can find so many choices for quirky fashion. All it takes is moving from the norms and choosing the colors and designs that are eye-catching no matter where you go. Let’s take a look at your top choices for clothing and accessories—and what brands you can shop from!


  • Patterned Clothing

Printed shirts, printed bottoms, printed face masks—let’s make your entire attire out of printed pieces for a truly quirky look! TWH offers a diverse range of clothing and accessories, and they’ve prioritized patterns in their products.

You can shop for casual women's and men's tops in abstract prints, character-inspired face masks—and even printed slides if you're looking to add some more oomph to your look.

TWH’s pieces are more than just apparel, but a vibe. Love gym time? They’ve got a top for you with a fitness print. Are you more into floral designs? They’ve got a floral T-shirt for you! You can get matching tops and bottoms from their range or mix and match their clothes with your own wardrobe pieces. 


  • Floral Bags

If you can’t get enough of prints with just printed clothing, let’s take your passion for standing out a step further—and shop for some printed bags. Lucky for you, printed bags are all the rage now. When globally renowned brands like Christian Dior introduced floral and abstract printed bags, every other brand followed suit. The best part of owning a printed bag, other than that it serves a quirky taste, is that these can match well with both eastern and western attires.

Astore has a vast collection of high-quality handbags, shoulder bags, and cross-body bags in pastel, neutral and bold colors. You can find a mix of plains and prints or fully printed bags in their range. The Pakistani-origin brand has garnered stellar feedback for its stylish collection, and they keep coming up with new designs every year! 


  • Funky Jewelry

For the past few years, minimalist, single-tone jewelry has taken Instagram by storm, but 2022 has seen a rise in funky, colored jewelry. From patterned dangly earrings to colorful bracelets, these pieces are perfect for a quirky fashion taste.

Channel your inner Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S and get some lovely pieces for yourself. Buy girl's accessories from LATT LIV; they offer a unique variety. The Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle store is known for its makeup, skincare, and jewelry lines. Rhinestones, pearls, patterns, metallic, pastels, and dark tones—you will find all kinds of jewelry in their collection. Buy some pieces for yourself or as a birthday gift, and you can't go wrong with buying funky jewelry from LATT LIV.


  • Printed Flip Flops

Who says beach footwear has to be monotone and dull? Bring some life to your look for a fun day at the beach with family or a raging beach party with a pair of printed flip-flops. You can get a contrasting color or match your footwear with your dress. No matter your taste in color coordination, Nineteen’s got a lot of choices that will surely delight you.

Choose from more girly watermelon print shoes to something groovier like a typography printed pair of flip-flops. These are as comfy to wear as they are stylish. Nineteen also offers fur slides for indoor use and has some of the best-selling online products in Pakistan.


  • Co-ord Sets for Girls

Slay in the trendiest co-ord sets be it in pants and tops, tie and dye, or printed shalwar kameez. They have been back in style and Pakistani girls are loving them. And why shouldn’t because it gives you a complete look and can be worn on multiple events. Styling with a subtle or bold makeup with some accessories is a great deal and you are ready to go for your casual day outings, friend’s birthday or picnic.

So if you are looking for some chic co-ords, check out the best co-ord collection and choose the one best-suited for your next event.


  • Statement Pendants

Quirky fashion can be bold, and it can be feminine. 3 Wishes is a brand built around pieces that exude femininity, with cute flowery pendants that look great on any outfit. They’ve also got a few pieces crafted out of miniature paintings, depicting scenes of nature.

What better way to carry a piece of art with you than an artistic pendant? 3 Wishes' dry flower pendants are exclusive pieces made out of high-quality frames so that you can wear your jewelry anywhere with ease. Check out their range to find a necklace that suits your taste.


  • Graphic Tees

Quirky fashion is about talking your mind through your clothes. You choose quirky pieces of clothing and accessories to tell the world that you do not stick to norms. And what better way to speak your mind than a graphic T-shirt?

Lahori Ink does distinctive pieces. Each of their T-shirt is more than just a statement piece; these are a showcase of Punjabi and Pakistani pride. Their artwork is exceptional, and the lettering is expertly placed in the background to stand out. Pair a Lahori Ink shirt with a favorite leather or denim jacket for a completely unique look.


  • Printed Totes

Totes are very versatile bags. You can carry your out-of-home essentials, books, mobile accessories, makeup pouch, and more. These fit in a lot of stuff. But let's face it—most tote bags on the market are pretty dull. You'll find plenty of plains and beiges in the market, but not a lot of colors. If you want something more quirky in your tote bag design, head on over to Chingari!

They’ve clearly got the hang of outstanding fashion. While Chingari’s range is limited, its pieces are quality-wise fabulous and print-wise gorgeous. You'll find some funny puns on their totes, perfect to serve as a conversation started at your next hang-out with friends. 


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Happy shopping!


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