Online Shopping Mistakes & How to Avoid Them?

Over the years we have seen exponential online shopping growth that has led to make it a worldwide trend, and then become a necessity. Considering the global pandemic of COVID-19 that instigated a planet-wide lockdown, there are very few businesses and industries which survived. And online shopping is one of the most preeminent ones. 

Since people all over the world were adopting social distancing, online shopping proved to be of a great advantage. From grocery items and home essentials to apparel, shoes, and perfumes, you have the option to order and have it delivered to your doorsteps. 

Because of the consistently trending status of online shopping, even the most prominent and distinguished brands set up their online shops offering an array of various products. And all of these products were just a few clicks away. And if you chose the online payment option, you did not even have to pay in person. Suffice to say if online shopping was popular before, the pandemic made it a celebrated choice internationally. 

Whether people got used to shopping online due to the pandemic or not is insignificant, since online shopping was always here to stay. Statistics show that, in Pakistan alone, 70% of the population who has access to the internet have ordered online at least once in their lives. 

Considering the mammoth number of online products that are readily available to the nation, the probability of making online shopping mistakes automatically rises. 

At HeyDude Shopping, Pakistan's up-and-coming online clothing store, we are working tirelessly to eliminate any possibility of that occurrence. Online shopping mistakes by customers are indeed extremely common. However, with our diligent and hardworking staff, we hope to never let our customers face that issue. 

Just in case you are an unaware shopper, we have compiled a list of online shopping mistakes that any customer can make. These can help you navigate the mass online shopping industry and make the right choices. 


Common Online Shopping Mistakes 

Online shopping in Pakistan has long been a trend. And with established brands coming up with online stores on a daily basis, it is no wonder that the majority of the nation chooses to purchase items from the comfort of their homes. Regardless of how effortless it may seem; you would be astounded to know how many mistakes you might be making every time you purchase something online. And these mistakes end up costing you the money you otherwise could have saved. 

Below is a concise list of numerous online shopping mistakes people make while shopping: 

Look for Discounts and Deals

Now it might seem excessively tiresome to think about it. And many people opt for buying from the brand's original online store to stay away from the hassle. Unbeknownst to them that thousands of online shopping websites make a living by holding branded items on deals. 

This is a business tactic to encourage buyers to shop from their website. So, they will have prices that are less than the actual price of the product. Granted that you are on an authentic website, you can end up saving hundreds and even thousands on every item. 

Avoid Impulse Buys

Most of these online shopping websites work by recommending loads of additional items which relate to your original purchase. And oftentimes majority of the customers end up buying one or more items from those recommendations. And many times, this leads to overpaying for an item they did not even want to purchase in the first place. 

So, as one of the most common online shopping mistakes, all you need to do to avoid it is to try and stick to what you need. 

Read the Reviews

One of the best features introduced in online shopping websites is the review section. Any brand is going to present its product in the best possible light. However, they cannot control the consumers' opinions and the review section is where you can get to know all of them. 

Please keep in mind that many a time these businesses pay people to give a good review. But since they cannot pay everyone, make sure you do a deep dive in the comments section before buying the item. If the majority of the reviews are good, it's a green light for you. And if they are bad, you are saved from making a purchase you could have regretted. 

Always Factor in Shipping and Tax Costs

Another very common online shopping mistake people make is that they forget to count in the shipping costs when calculating their purchase total. Many a time, the prices shown next to the products are tax exclusive. And shipping is always added at the end of the shopping process. 

Therefore, your total might just get amped up a few hundred or thousand rupees. To avoid that, it is better to count in shipping and taxes before you make your mind up about an item. 

Fake Prices

A very frequent tactic of businesses both online and otherwise is to increase sales through discounted prices. But what the majority of the people are unaware of is that many of these discounted prices are almost near to the actual price of the product. What they do is reduce a few tens off the actual price and tell you that they have shaved off a lot by slashing a fake price. And most people believe them and buy the product at the actual cost.

The only way to avoid it is to do your research. Before buying any product, make sure you have gone through at least 2 to 4 different websites offering the same product. And if you find any discrepancies, it is better to not shop from that website. 

Payments Through Debit Cards

This might seem like nothing but paying through your debit card may lead to unwanted circumstances. This is because when you use a debit card, the payment for the purchase is debited immediately from your bank account. And if there are any issues like delayed delivery, cancellation on the brand's part, or if you changed your mind, there is not a lot you can do. And when it comes to returning the money, most brands have complex and intricate refund policies. 

This is why it is always better to pay with either a credit card or pay through cash on delivery. Doing so will ensure that your money is not lost if any problems arise. 

Always Read Return and Refund Policies

It might seem excessive but getting to know a brand or website's return and refund policies can help you in the longer run. Let's say you ordered a product and it was damaged when it arrived. In that case, you would want to return it and get a refund. Many online shopping websites have a limited days return policy. It is better to know their timeframe and return the damaged item within it to ensure you get your money back. 

Many times, these online shopping websites also state that items are non-refundable or have 'no cash back' policies in the fine print. And if you do not know about that, then you may end up purchasing an item and be unable to return it or get your money back. This is why it is always wise to go through the website's policies before making a purchase. 


In Conclusion 

As more and more people are hopping on the online shopping bandwagon, the future of online shopping is anything but bleak. As long as people try and avoid making common online shopping mistakes, online shopping is one of the best experiences in the modern world. 

Especially at HeyDude Shopping, we are as open as we are diverse. Because we are a customer-centric business, your satisfaction is the only fuel to boosting our business. Therefore, we have always, and will always, endeavor to make your experience one of a kind at our online shopping store. At HeyDude, shopping is an experience you won’t forget.

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