The Newest Trends in Men's Fashion - From Slip-ons to Button Downs

Get a run-down of the current trends in men’s fashion and how to keep up effortlessly.

Getting in tune with the latest trends in fashion would be nerve-wracking without any inspiration or guidance. Fashion stores often have a huge niche in fashion to offer, from casual chic to business to Sunday brunch. These themes stay consistent throughout time. However, it is pulling them off in the trendiest and “in” way possible that is a game.

Everyone is struggling to stay at the top of this game in the most organic way possible. The best inspiration you could get for fashion trends could be places like Pinterest, Vogue, Harper’s Bazar and Cosmo, among many others.

Further, you look over celebrities for inspiration since, arguably, they are the body that sets these trends year after year.


What is The Change?

You might arguably say that women’s fashion trends and how fast these trends come and go are more brutal than men’s fashion. This statement might have been true until the late 2000s or 2015. The evidence of this was everywhere; a few iconic celebrities would be spotted wearing a particular look or style, and then suddenly, every man on the block would clone himself into him.

But, now in a liberalized era and open-minded society, the trends in men’s fashion are seen embracing just as much variety, color and design choices as women.

However, the embodiment of fashion is not a goose chase of embracing anything and everything new as quickly as possible. It is neither a rat chase of spending all your savings in an extravagantly expensive store.

The essence of fashion, especially men’s fashion, even now, is comfort and aesthetics redefined each year.

It seems as if the competition is not more brutal to keep up with than it was before, but there certainly is a lot more to choose from.


Latest Trends in Men’s Fashion

Here are some of the newest trends in men’s fashion that align with several lifestyle trends of 2022. HeyDude Shopping has it all; from men’s apparel to men’s fashion accessories, it is an all-in-one stop for the best-selling online products in Pakistan.

Bold Graphic Tee Shirts

A main overarching theme to expect for the end of 2022 that is likely to carry on into 2023 is the retro style. What may be defined as a “return of the 70s” in a modern sense seems to become a style that is here to stay for quite a while.

The “roaring ’70s” included a lot of self-expression. Hipster-inspired looks with colour-play and graphic incorporation are hence in. Graphic tee shirts align perfectly with this style because it is a modern version of the ’70s fashion.

It incorporates the theme’s aesthetic into a relatively more modern and common every-item. Graphic Tees are a great way of introducing curated fashion into everyday wear.

Cargo Shorts

Before 2015 any form of male fashion that included cargo trousers or shorts was considered to be highly unattractive, slouchy and casual. Cargo shorts and pants have made their grand comeback into the fashion world since after.

While still being casual, they are now bespoke in taste and style. Along with self-expression, fashion trends now promote comfort and ease, which is why styling cargo shorts with just about any top is a vibe.

Plaids and Checks

To be fair, checks have been evergreen. They never went out of style, but the hype around them died out a little between 2013 and 2019. Just like cargo bottoms, especially cargo shorts, plaids, checkered shirts, and accessories are back.

It is also a very moody aesthetic choice for bachelors and businessmen to incorporate checks into their space decor and accessories, such as curtains, sheets, cushions, phone covers, headwear etc.

Retro Sunglasses

Once again, aligning with the 70s hipster vibe, colorful and round or extremely thin and rectangular retro sunglasses are in. They are the perfect way to add a pop of color and excitement to a boring outfit and make the entire look fitting for brunches or beach days.

Chunky Chains and Snake Chains

With a more liberal and self-loving turnover in society’s mindset, men are now rocking body accessories. Thick Cuban chunky chains and elegant slivers as snake chains are both trending as hot items across the globe.

Chains are a perfect way of adding a touch of sophistication and taste to casual outfits. They are statement pieces that could be worn every day or on special occasions.

Gender Neutral Outfits

Tee shirts, Button downs and cargo pants are considered to be unisex, as well as plaid accessories. The trend of Gender Neutral outfits like these is a revolutionary turn in the fashion world.

It promotes liberal causes that most people across the world support, which adds to its significance.


Final Words

Now you have been quite aware of what’s going on in the trends for men’s fashion. Hop on to our men’s collection and choose everything ranging from tops and bottoms to accessories and fragrances. That too from the hub of best-selling online products in Pakistan. Happy shopping!

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