Most Demanding & Best Selling Online Products in Pakistan in 2022

When we talk about shopping or purchasing, clothing is one of the initial thoughts that cross the mind. And so it should, as fashion has always held a predominant position in any era or year. No matter how far we go back, there has always been some kind of trend in clothes that has entirely defined the era. So much so that people in the industry refer to the past years in terms of what was prevalent in those decades. 

And since fashion and innovation go hand in hand, the invention of various aspects was an unsurprising fact. Apart from the established and esteemed names in the fashion industry that constantly gave rise to creativity and experimentalism, what made clothing such a prime shopping option is its accessibility. 

Otherwise known as fast fashion, the generalized availability in bulk is what made it possible for millions to afford and wear the latest in the industry. 

And HeyDude Shopping is established primarily for those who enjoy the fast fashion aspect of the field. As an online business hosting some of the most demanding online products in Pakistan, HeyDude hopes to become a part of your daily wardrobe by providing quality clothing from recognized brands. 

If we look at statistics concerning our country alone, apart from home essentials, the clothing genre has one of the top bestselling online products in Pakistan. The predictability of this fact was somewhat effortless as Pakistan, too, has its own fashion-rich history. 

Regardless of the national apparel being the 'Shalwar Qameez’ for both men and women, the fashion industry in Pakistan has used its boundless imagination and birthed limitless creative takes on the simple attire. And it is this creativity and inventiveness that has led to clothing being some of the most demanding shopping essentials. 

Before we dive further into the specifics of the most demanding clothing aspects, below is a brief history of fashion over the decades since Pakistan’s creation. 


Pakistan’s Brief Fashion History 

Being a part of the subcontinent for hundreds of years and being under British rule for a couple of centuries, it would be redundant to say that Pakistan's fashion is somewhat influenced. But since the entirety of fashion is essentially an inspiration, Pakistan too can boast of having a number of various eccentric fashion designers over the years. 

The independence marked a revolutionary time in Pakistan's fashion history. The nation's people were coming out of the heavy influence of Indian fashion and were struggling to make their own identity. And clothing was essential to differentiate. 

Almost immediately after the partition, Pakistan’s fashion was a blend of west and east with sleeveless, short shirts with bright colors. It took a couple of decades and various decisive moments to bring the fashion industry to where it is now. 

What used to be an intricate process of buying the suitable materials, with the right pairing and getting it tailored according to the trend, fashion nowadays is just a click away. 


Best-Selling Online Products in Pakistan 

Online shopping in Pakistan has proven to be an ever-growing trend. The e-commerce market in the country experienced annual growth of 72% in the past few years. The idea of not having to leave your home and still being able to purchase quality products has been prevailing in the country. And the forever expanding online market is now boasting of having anything and everything you might need. Pakistan's online market has everything from electronics, hardware, and computers to jewelry, shoes, clothes, and home décor. 

So below is a list of the most demanding online products in Pakistan: 

Women’s Apparel

It is women's apparel that has seen the most creativity and versatility throughout the world. And it is no different in Pakistan. This is why it comes as no surprise that women's clothing is some of the most demanding online products in Pakistan. With no limit to variations, colors, styles, and price range, women all over the country take advantage of the online market. And since over 50% of these clothing items come unstitched, it has no doubt added to the triumphing popularity of this genre. 

Online shopping has grown so perceptive that it has begun to cater to your specificities. Suffice to say; you can probably buy it online if you want it. 


Ever since the 1960s, shoes have become a defining aspect of any attire. And thus, no outfit is complete with the right pair of shoes, be it for men or women, which is probably why shoes are one of the bestselling online products in Pakistan. With the ability to complete an entire look, shoes have become a prominent part of every fashion website. Not only that, but several of the most known footwear brands have started their own online business providing branded shoes right to your doorsteps. 

Thereby, with an array of different styles and sizes, these online shops gloat about catering to every consumer, be it men or women. 


Perfumes are part of the most demanding online products in Pakistan, and with good reason. Going back centuries, perfumes have long held the title of being essential in every guise. So much so that there are millions of people having their own disparate and distinctive signature scents. And with a copious number of brands introducing their own perfumes, there is an abundance of quality fragrances in the online market. And since perfumes can be considered an everyday essential, they are some of the most demanding online products in Pakistan. 


Future of Online Shopping 

Considering the exponential growth of the e-commerce industry in just the past few years, the future of online shopping in Pakistan looks promising to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic might have given rise to the consumers of the online market; online shopping was always here to stay. The global pandemic just sped up the impending process.   

And with the rising accessibility of a diverse number of all-inclusive products, online shopping holds a bright future. 


In Conclusion 

All things considered, what probably is the underlying reason for the explosion of fashion is its bulk production of it. The major fashion houses are no doubt the pillars of fashion. Still, they are not accessible to all, majorly due to the stupendous costs. The fast-fashion subsidiary opened a doorway to millions being able to wear what they see on television or in magazines on a daily basis. 

And HeyDude Shopping is just doing its part in providing the people with affordable and high-end fashion products. Not only that, but with our fast delivery, you can have your chosen attire delivered in the least number of days. 

With HeyDude, shopping has never been easier, and being fashion-forward will now be an everyday trend.

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