What to expect for Modern Day Men's Fashion in online spectrum of Pakistan

Fashion is more than just about what you wear; it’s about defining your personality and showcasing your mindset. Times have changed, and men's fashion no longer takes a backseat to women's and kids' apparel. The fashion industry in Pakistan is booming, with designers bursting with ideas for every age and preference.


Newest Trends In Men’s Fashion

When it comes to men’s modern fashion, the west has always been a step ahead of the east. However, with the significant rise in both TV and cinema productions, as well as social media popularity, the men of Pakistan have caught up to worldwide trends.

Whether we’re talking classics or fast fashion, each category has its own band of followers. The best part is that you can find whatever you need online.

While there are countless trends to choose from, we have selected some eye-catching fashion products you should really check out!

1. Graphic T-Shirts

When it comes to casual wear, a graphic T-shirt is a staple for your wardrobe. What better way to make a statement or to express your opinions about any cause or belief than displaying it loud and proud on your tee?

The best part about graphic T-Shirts is that they can be dressed up or down depending on where you want to wear them. Going for an errand run? Pair it with a comfy jeans. Not sure what to wear on a casual date night at movies? A graphic tee and your nicest jacket will surely impress your partner. Need a conversation starter for the next night out with your best buddies? Layer it with an open button-down shirt, and get the debate going!

2. Hawaiian Summer Shirt

Hawaiian shirts have made a great comeback on the runways of the Eastern and Western fashion world. Dating back to the 1930s, Hawaiian shirts have intrigued trend-savvy audiences, with a healthy mix of criticism and adoration expressed toward the style.

In the past couple of years—from Harry Styles' bold palm-tree-inspired choices to Adam Levine's more subtle, lighter selections—celebrity styles have motivated guys across the globe to reconsider summer prints in their outfits.

So, if you love a nice print on a short-sleeve button-down shirt, you're in luck. You don't need to go on a vacation to buy one; just pop by your nearest favourite store, or better yet, choose one from a nice range of Hawaiian shirts available online. Hey Dude Shopping offers a variety of designs; there’s something for even those who prefer a more subtle style in their apparel.

You will be surprised after knowing how to style Hawaiin summer shirts for any occasion and will surely not be able to resist buying them.

3. Athleisure Sets

Who says you can’t rock a great getup when out on a casual stroll or strength-training at the gym? Ditch that old, raggedy tee of yours because you've got athleisure now!

Donning comfortable yet stylish wear for fitness is no longer a dream.  Many brands shifted their attention toward athleisure—the reason being the need for comfortable loungewear during long remote work hours during the pandemic—you can now browse a myriad of great styles in tops and bottoms.

One of the best parts of choosing athleisure over casual wear, whether for going out or staying in, is that these are great for our sub-tropic weather. Most people confuse athleisure with baggy hoodies and trousers made of material too thick for our heat and humidity, but that's not all that this fashion trend is about. Hey Dude Shopping collection of athleisure separates and sets are made for both comfort and style.

Choose from stretchable sleeveless tops to close-fit yet breathable sports tees, and exude a sophisticated yet effortlessly cool vibe wherever you go.

4. Minimalist Bracelets

While men and accessories seem a complicated mix, minimalist bracelets have been trending quite well in men’s fashion accessories for the past few years.

The interest in adding some pizazz to your outfit can be a challenging feat when you don’t know how to style. Where not many public figures were seen accessorizing, there’s been a recent shift in trends on the red carpets. Male movie stars and sports figures alike, from both east and the west, are captured flexing bracelets and chains with every kind of outfit. From our very own Humayun Saeed rockin’ casual bracelets in his latest cinematic releases to basically every other guy in your favourite Netflix watch, you've got inspirations and ideas galore!

What better way to start accessorizing than a minimalist bracelet? From beaded bands to metallic chains that complement your favourite watch, there are various ways you can pull one off with both casual and formal wear.

5. Men’s Fragrances

Okay, so men’s fragrances are not exactly a new addition to the world of men’s fashion, but it’s an industry with its own evolution. Where only musk, oud and motia dominated one’s dressing table, it’s different now.

Celebrities such as Aijaz Aslam and others ranges have transformed what we think men's perfumes should be and have introduced amazing and alluring options. You can check out his Aijaz Aslam Fragrances latest collection on HeyDude Shopping.

Furthermore, men's fragrances today, much like women's, are manufactured using layers of odours to add depth to the completed perfume. Each bottle encompasses more than just a scent; it helps you define your persona.

If you've got the last few spritzes left in your bottle, why not check out Hey Dude Shopping affordable range of delightful men's fragrances—and maybe you'll find just THE ONE you've been looking for!


Shop your Heart Out

We’ve let you know about the latest trends. Your next shopping list should be easy enough!

Take the next step. Browse through the bestselling online products in Pakistan for men at Hey Dude Shopping. We cater to men of all ages. All our products are picked by savvy experts to make accessible for you a classy, diverse range of men’s fashion in one place. From printed summer shirts to accessories and fragrances, we have it all.

Happy shopping!

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