Men's Summer Accessories You Should Consider

If we look back throughout the centuries, fashion, especially the bold and diverse kind, has always revolved more around women than men. Be it flashy colors, daring outfits, bold designs, or futuristic depictions; the world has, historically, repeatedly preferred women as the canvas for the art. 

However, men have been usually stuck with the same old boring monotoned two- or three-piece tux or suits. 

And anything more than that was generally shut down by the general public so men could, fashion-wise, fit the mold created hundreds of years ago. However, it would not be false to state that, during the recent decade, men’s fashion, like introducing men’s summer accessories, has taken a turn for the better. 

Several brands around the world ditched the formal and the mundane look for men and chose to create exceptional pieces intended for the gender. And nothing beats diversity regardless of the setting. 

Following that, we at HeyDude Shopping choose to break barriers regarding fashion. As a company, we have always supported progress regardless of gender and strived to stay neutral when it comes to personal choices. Hence, we choose to associate with brands like The Warehouse and Radical Poster, which are exceptionally fashion-forward. 


Father’s Day Special

Following that, HeyDude Shopping proudly presents our line of contemporary and modern summer accessories for men. This category came into creation solely considering the rapidly rising men’s fashion industry. And at HeyDude Shopping, we are all about inclusivity. And since Father’s Day is just around the corner, you now have ample options to choose from for your Father’s Day Gift. 

Since online shopping in Pakistan took off, women make a majority of the purchases in terms of fashion. Therefore, it would not be surprising to find out that many men out there do not know how and what to styles when it comes to accessories. You can blame it on the lack of diversity in the fashion industry for men, especially in Pakistan. But it will not change the fact that times are altering. And personal choices are taking priority over trends that have existed seemingly since the dawn of time. 

Acknowledging that most men are unaware of how to incorporate men’s fashion in accessories, we at HeyDude Shopping have curated an ultimate guide to summer fashion regarding men’s summer accessories. 

So, if you want to try something new and are unsure how to proceed, the following is an expansive list of summer accessories for men. And how to style them. But before that, let us talk briefly about the history of men's fashion in Pakistan and how we embraced diversity. 


History of Men’s Fashion in Pakistan

The world has progressed much faster regarding men’s fashion compared to our country. We have just started to incorporate what the men’s fashion world was doing a decade ago into our fashion industry. But as the famous saying goes, "better late than never." 

Initially, the nation met these little unique quirks in the men’s fashion industry with skepticism and even dubiety. However, influences from movies and TV shows prompted many leading figures in the entertainment industry to take a bold step forward. And the rest is seemingly history. 

It is true that even now, the majority of the nation scoffs at anything new in the men's fashion category. Nevertheless, this generation's youngsters are refusing to bow down to criticism. And so, the fast progression of men’s fashion and styles. 


Ultimate Guide to Summer Fashion for Men 

Since summer has fully plummeted into existence, the fashion industry is doing its best to produce one amazing creation after another. But have you ever seen an outfit complete without accessories? And when it comes to men's ensembles, it is no different. 

Following mentioned are some unique summer accessories for men that you can use to style your way thoroughly in accordance with the summer fashion trends

The Beaded Bracelets

Men throughout South Asia are not really strangers to bracelets. For many out there, bracelets are a cultural symbol. Some even wear it for religious purposes. Therefore, wearing one for fashion reasons does not seem too otherworldly. The beaded bracelets are one of the most excellent introductory summer accessories for men. The best part about them is that there is little need to try to style them. Just wear it with your favorite outfit, and you are ready to go! Moreover, it makes for a great present for important occasions like Father’s Day which happens to be just around the corner! 

Vertical Bar Pendant

In recent years, bar pendants seem to gain quite the popularity. The primary reason behind it is that bar pendants, unlike many others, are very unisex. This means anyone can rock it regardless of their gender. Depending on the color, bar pendants famously go well with button-down semi-formal shirts and shalwar kameez. 

Foxtail and Metallic Bracelets

For those comfortable wearing bracelets, foxtail and metallic bracelets are some of the most sought-after summer accessories for men. Again, these bracelets can go with any outfit due to the color range restrictive to metallic tones. And dare we say, this will make a perfect Father’s Day present for your dad! 

Wing and Ring Pendant Chains

One of the prevailing summer accessories for men seems to be chain necklaces with minimalist designs. And the most popular amongst them seems to be ring and wing pendants. A style many a youngster has adopted, these pendants will do nothing but amp up your outfit and taste. 

The Snake Chain

A flat chain always without a pendant, snake chains have made their way into countless fashion trends around the world. Due to its unisex nature, both men and women are able to style it however they please. Although considered a controversial choice for men, snake chains are nothing less than iconic with the right outfit. 


In Conclusion 

As an online store selling some of the best-selling online products in Pakistan, you can easily find all the articles mentioned above on our website. Just go to our online shop and click men’s accessories to place an order for your favorite product. 

We at HeyDude Shopping strive to please our customers. And when it comes to quality, we never compromise. With some of the best brands like Lahori Ink and Astore associated with our online store, we can guarantee an exceptional shopping experience. 

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