Men's Fashion Accessories [2022] - HeyDude Exclusive Guide

Nowadays, men’s fashion is as manifold and varying as ever. As a stark contrast to classic three- or four-piece suits, men’s fashion rose to the heights of creativity in the past few decades. 

Defying centuries' worth of stereotypes regarding style, men’s fashion could not be more diverse. And to take it to the next level, the introduction of men’s fashion accessories never ceases to be a boon with every outfit. 

Especially when you consider the constrictive mold men’s fashion had to endure, the variety and additions like accessories for men are like a breath of fresh air. And to complement the creativity of people when it comes to fashion is an understatement. 

Even though men’s fashion accessories around the world are considered quite advanced compared to South Asian fashion, we are certainly not far behind. And Pakistan, undoubtedly, is exceptionally fashion forward. And male accessories here are just as diverse as in any other part of the world.   


HeyDude Shopping – Setting New Standards in Fashion 

In doing our part in boosting fashion standards, we at HeyDude Shopping represent the most well-known and up-and-coming brands that are the future of this country. Not only can you find your favorite brands on our online store, but you can also shop for products by emerging designers. We have been incentivized to bring the best selling online products in Pakistan at HeyDude to help you buy from the comfort of your home. 

In our effort to be diverse and inclusive, we carry a host of products concerning men, women, and children. Not to mention our inventory of the country's best women's, children's, and men’s fashion accessories. 

We offer products from brands like Zuaaj and Bumble that have established quite a name for themselves. And in doing so, not only are we providing an all-encompassing platform for our customers, but with our discounts, you can save with every purchase. 

Moving on to the various men’s fashion accessories, there are countless ways to style. Especially when you fashion them as per your style preferences. However, if you are in a conundrum about what is trending, below is an exclusive guide on men’s fashion accessories. 

But before we talk about that, let us first talk about the essential items when it comes to men's fashion accessories. 


Must-Have Men’s Accessories 

Be it business accessories for men or casual, their importance surpasses all. And since all men should know the basics of how to accessorize for men, we took it upon ourselves to list a few must-haves men’s fashion accessories. 

The essential accessories are generally divided into 3 main categories. They are as follows: 

The Basics

This category includes the most fundamental accessories every man should possess in his wardrobe. These accessories come in colors, primarily earthy and neutral, so that they can pair well with every outfit. Some of these include:

- Wallets

- Watches

- Sunglasses

- Belts 

Men’s Business Accessories

Not that you cannot use the same wallet or belts for your workplace outfit, but business accessories include a bit more than that. For a professional environment, the accessories need to exude professionalism as well. Some of them are as listed down below:

- Ties

- Laptop Bags

- Work Bags

- Cuff Links

- Tie Clips 

There is no doubt that wearing the accessories mentioned above can elevate your look to an executive one instantaneously. 

Special Occasions

Now this category is where it gets real. You need a unique set of accessories for special occasions like work parties, weddings, etc., to complete your look. Without these accessories, your outfit might seem lacking for the surrounding setting. Below is a list of men’s accessories for a special occasion:

- Bow Ties

- Suspenders

- Pocket Squares

- Coat Pins

- Dress Socks

- Collar Pins 

Many may consider some items above excessive; however, they never cease to elevate the ensemble. When it comes to fashion, there is no such thing as too much. 

Now that we have covered all the basics let us talk about these men’s fashion accessories at length, along with some styling tips.  


Clothing Accessories for Men – The Fashion Accessories 

Considering the successful progression of online shopping in Pakistan, almost everything is just a few clicks away. From clothes, shoes, and accessories to groceries, medicines, and electronics, you can find them easily online. 

So is the case with men’s fashion accessories as well. And we at HeyDude Shopping are doing everything on our part to help you choose from some of the best brands in Pakistan. 

So, without further ado, let us get into the different clothing accessories for men and how to style them appropriately: 

-Magic Wallets

Although they are not as trendy in Pakistan, magic wallets are starting to make quite an impact on the ones who try them. This is mainly due to its contemporary design. Instead of the traditional vertical flip wallet, the magic wallet opens horizontally. 

Either side of it has numerous compartments. One side is spaced in such a way that you can store your debit/credit cards, ID cards, license, etc. On the other side, you can store non-foldable items. And, of course, there are compartments for your cash. 

On HeyDude Shopping, you can find some of the best magic wallets from ZNFA. They make their wallets with leather, making them highly durable and long-lasting. Not to mention the various attractive colors. Suffice to say; you cannot go wrong with this one. 

-Matching Belt and Wallet Sets

Another exceptionally well-received product we hold at HeyDude Shopping is none other than belt and wallet sets. Some even go as far as to say they were able to carry a contrasting outfit with one of these sets. Such is the benefit of a matching belt and wallet set. 

Choose from our sleek selection of magic belts and wallets, and get an incredible discount. 

-Ring and Wing Chain

Who says men cannot wear necklaces? As one of Pakistan's most prominent guy accessories, we beg to differ. Especially our ring and wing chain necklaces. You can add a touch of youth and class to your outfit with one of these pieces. 

And with the contemporary designs and exceptional quality, you can wear them for a long time to come. 

-Fusion, Beaded, and Metallic Bracelets

Bracelets are by far the most common men's fashion accessory in South Asia. Some wear it for religious purposes while others purely out of fashion. The bottom line is that it looks classy and has to ability to bring together an outfit. 

Be it beaded or foxtail, these bracelets will work to amp up any outfit you wear. Not to mention they will undoubtedly keep you fashion forward. 


HeyDude Shopping – The Fashion Expert 

When it comes to fashion, we endeavor to keep ourselves updated with trends from around the world, which is why everything you find on our online store will be vouge and completely in style. 

The main aim of creating this website was to have an all-encompassing space where men, women, and children call to find all essential items related to fashion, or otherwise, at standard rates. And thus far, our endeavors have proven to be quite fruitful.

This is why we continue to offer amazing discounts and sales to our beloved and loyal customers. 

Shop HeyDude Shopping for the best in current fashion.

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