Impact of Social Media on Customer Purchase Intention in Pakistan

Social media has undoubtedly become a leading marketing tool all over the globe. With over billions of people using the various versions of social media on a daily basis, these platforms have aided the success of countless startups. Due to its growing audience, the most esteemed and established brands in the world, too, have taken great advantage of social media to promote their products. 

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have characteristically changed their algorithms to support the marketing aspect of their policies. Not only can you own a business account and establish a connection with your businesses, but you can also opt for separate paid advertisements. There the algorithms of these platforms work to find your targeted audience for you and create brand awareness and visibility. 

YouTube, too has seemingly joined the bandwagon. A platform that once revolved around videos only now has the option for companies to display their advertisements and guarantees a five-second view time. 

A social media platform that has over 2.5 billion users on a monthly basis, a 5-second view time for any brand has the potential to boost the business to exponential heights. 

If we consider Pakistan, the number of people joining any social media platform is growing on a daily basis. This is why brands like us can only benefit from having accounts on various social media platforms. The brand HeyDude Shopping revolves around providing the people of this country with a considerably viable option of purchasing a variety of high-end fashion products at highly affordable prices. And like many established and aspiring businesses and brands, you can find us too on both Facebook and Instagram under the name HeyDude Shopping. 

One thing that is crystal clear is that the impact of social media on customer purchase intention is logarithmically colossal. A brand has the potential to go from zero to a hundred if it can appropriately navigate the platforms. 

The impact of social media on online shopping has opened an entirely new world of possibilities in terms of buying and selling any product. So, before we get into the specifics of social media on customer purchase intentions, let us take a peek into the impact of social media on online shopping. 


Impact of Social Media on Online Shopping 

Nowadays, if you want to know more about a brand, all you need to do is type in the name of the brand on any social media site. And with the algorithms that are working in both consumer's and brand's favor, the process of connecting the customer to the business is constantly and consistently in play. And in this day and age, we do not even think of the possibility of any business not having an online presence. 

Now, corona may have played a substantial part in the monumental augmentation of online shopping in an average person's everyday life; online shopping on its own had the ability to reach there on its own sooner or later. The future of online shopping was always secure. 

So, the question arises as to why is that so? 

Since the creation of the internet and social media platforms two decades ago, the average person's time online has been escalating substantially. Taking advantage of the fact that most humans spend about 40-60% of their daily life online, the social media platforms creatively established an entire marketing empire. 

It might not seem like much, but in retrospect, if we collect enough data, the top results will show that today, people actually prefer buying online rather than going in person to make the purchase. 

If we consider online shopping in Pakistan, establishing the fact that women are more likely to make a purchase online, companies in Pakistan have devised their strategies around the social media and buying behaviors of women in Pakistan. 

Statistically, out of every ten advertisements shown on any social media platforms, 6-7 are directly or indirectly targeting women. So, it is safe to say that the impact of social media on online shopping is not to be underestimated.


Social Media on Customer Purchase Intention 

Perhaps the most impressive feat accomplished by marketing through social media platforms is that they have successfully started to make people buy things that they neither essential nor needed. Let us look into how they were able to do that. 

One of the various jobs of algorithms on any social media platform is that it understands the user's niche through their searches and likes and actively works to provide them with similar content. For example, let us say that you saw a towel on TV and looked it up to find out about the fabric or functions. 

The algorithm will take into account your search history, and you will start seeing advertisements based on, or revolving, around, the towel, cleaning, or bathroom essentials industry. 

The second step in this process is presenting the product in such a manner that you cannot help but spend your money on it. This is achieved through classy visuals, deals, and discounts.

After which, even if you do not need a towel, a well-known brand is offering less than half its actual price on a luxury, beautiful-looking towel, so why not just get it? This is how big of an impact social media has on customer purchase intentions. 


The Bottom Line 

If brands go through the appropriate channels, the probability of succeeding based on social media marketing and generating purchase intentions astronomically rises. Especially if the brands take the extra step to avoid any online shopping mistakes on their part. 

This is precisely what we are hoping to achieve here on HeyDude Shopping. We want you to have an exceptional experience navigating our online store, and we do our best to provide a seamless shopping experience. 

Shop at HeyDude Shopping for classy and sophisticated luxury fashion products at astonishingly low rates.

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